OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) is a free desktop and open-source cross-platform streaming and recording program built with Qt and maintained by the OBS Project.

The following is a tutorial on how to add your Singular overlays into OBS

1 - Add a Source

Press on the "+" under the "Sources" panel and select Browser. Make sure to name the source appropriately after your Singular Layer,


Adding a Source


2 - Input Your Singular Output URL

Copy your Singular output URL link to the URL field. You will also need to manually put your desired Width and Height (for ex. 1920W and 1080H)


Inputting Singular Output URL



Shortcut: CTRL-F (Windows) or Command-F (Mac) will set your overlay layer to the output resolution defined in your show settings.


If you are not seeing your overlays, make sure:

  • A) You have an overlay in your control app taken on-air.
  • B) Your new Singular OBS layer is on top of all video layers. 
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