Of course you want to be able to create gaps between pages in an advancing Playlist! We added this feature and it's as easy as adding a page and a timer, because you create them the same way. When an advancing Playlist reaches a Pause, it essentially creates a gap in the Playlist where nothing appears active on-air until the Pause is complete.

1 - Click the Add Overlay Button

Pauses are available to add to your show from the Add Overlay Button (the plus button), located in the right section of the Control Bar. Look for the word Pause and click to add a Pause, just as you would add an overlay. 

2 - Add a timer to a Pause

The Pause will add to the bottom of your Playlist. It is added without a timer, so you will need to add the timer (in seconds) for as long as you want your break between looping pages to occur. You can add the timer by right-clicking on the overlay and selecting Timer.



If you duplicate a Pause already in your list, the new Pause will appear beneath the parent you cloned it from. 

3 - An active Pause

While the Pause is active, it will appear just as a timed overlay does while it's on-air; with a progress bar denoting the time left in the Pause.


4 - Click and drag with overlay dots

Just like an overlay in a Playlist, you can click and drag the Pause wherever you want it to be in your Playlist.


If you want to add a pause to an active Playlist, click and drag the Pause where you want it before you add the timer. Add the timer when you have it in position.

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