Creating Permanent Destination URLs with The Output Manager

With the Output Manager, you can easily create permanent destination URLs to relay your shows to your encoders browser sources. You'll plug these URLs into your preferred encoder as a web or browser source and voila, your overlays will be on top of your video source and ready to stream live to the world. But the best part is that you'll never have to change that URL in your encoder now that any of your control apps can just use that fixed destination!

Here's how it works:

Creating an Output Destination


1 - Select Output Manager from the Corner Menu

Open the dropdown menu in the upper right corner by clicking on your username. From there, select the Output Manager option. 


2 - Create a New Output Destination URL

Click the "Create" button in the upper left. A window will appear, prompting you to enter in a title for this new output option. Once you've put away the baby name book and settled on what you want to call your output, hit the Create button on the pop-up window. You'll see your new output appear on the screen. 


3 - Copy and Paste the Destination URL Into Your Encoder

Open up your new output option by either double clicking it or clicking the three dots on the right and selecting "Web Output Status." From here, you can copy the URL you see near the top of the window. This is the Output URL that you'll use to connect your shows to your encoder. 

Open up your encoder and look for an option pertaining to adding new layers or input sources. This URL serves as the input layer for your overlays. Since it's a URL, you'll want to look for an input or layer option for a web page. 

Depending on which encoder you are using, this field might be called the "browser" or "web page."

Once you've found the webpage option, paste that URL in there and you're all set! Now all you need to do is connect your shows to that Output URL.

Linking Control Applications to an Output

Your Output URL is set up, but you still need to connect a show to it in order for your graphics to be sent to that URL.

1 - Open Your Show

If you already have a show created, open one of those up in a Control Application. 

2 - View your Web Output Status

Click the "View Web Output Status" button in the upper right corner. A window will pop up with options for selecting a stream destination. 


3 - Select a Web Output

Click the "Web Output" button. You should see a list of all the Web Outputs you've created. Double click on your desired destination to select it and attach your show to that Output URL. 



You can also create a new Web Output from this window.

4 - Confirm Your Connection

Notice how the UI has changed to display that your graphics are connected to your web output? The View Web Output Status button now has a green dot next to it, and a green stripe has appeared at the top of the screen. 

Switch back to your Output Manager window. The Status icon on the left is now green to indicate that your chosen Output is active and has a show attached to it. 

With the Output Manager, you never have to worry about the hassle of updating the web URL in your encoder. Set it, forget it, then just connect (or send) new shows to that destination as needed. You can have multiple outputs active at once, making it easy to manage multiple shows and encoders simultaneously.

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