Studio: Adding Overlays to Your Show

Adding an Overlay is the first thing you'll need to do in Studio. Each overlay serves as a template for you to customize with your specific content.

1 - Click the "Add Overlay" button

Click either the blue plus sign button (the Add Overlay Button) on the right of the Control Bar or the "Click Here to Add Overlay" button at the top of your Playlist Panel. The "Click Here to Add Overlay" button will only be available when your playlist is empty.


2 - Select from a Template to create an overlay from in the menu

Selecting the Add Overlay Button will reveal a dropdown which contains all of the available overlays in the Composition you're connected to. Selecting an overlay one will add it to your playlist.


You can add more overlays here while the menu is open, or one at a time.



Overlays are organized based on the Logic Layers they were assigned to when built in Singular's Composer.

3 - View and preview the Page

The new overlay will show up the Playlist Panel. You can select it by clicking on it, and it will show up in your Preview Window


4 - Add More Overlays

You can keep the Add Overlay Button dropdown open while you add overlays to your Playlist.

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