Spark: Editing an Overlay While in On Air Mode




This video is part of a 7 chapter series which follows the Spark User Manual. 

Edit Overlays in On-Air Mode

So your overlays are on-stream but you realize you want to make some changes to your saved overlays. 

Typically, your workflow would be switching from On Air Mode to Edit Mode then clicking the overlay you wish to edit to open the Overlay Editor window. 

But if you like living on the edge, staring danger in the eye and not flinching, then we have the perfect alternative workflow for you. 

If you really want to remain in On Air Mode while making the edits, you can do that. But be careful. A mis-click could cause you to accidentally take an overlay on-stream that you didn't intend. 


1 - Right click the overlay button you want to edit

Control+click or right click on the overlay you want to edit and select "Edit." 

2 - Make changes in the Overlay Editor

The Overlay Editor will pop up, allowing you to make whatever changes you'd like. 


Notice that the Output window still shows the active overlays that are on-stream. The Preview Window will show the overlay you're currently editing, updating in real time with your edits.

3 - Save or discard your changes

Press "Save" to save your changes, "Remove" to delete the overlay entirely, or click the the "X" in the upper right corner to close the Overlay Editor without saving your changes.

Edit and Update a Streaming/On-Air Overlay

This shortcut allows you to quickly make changes without having to switch away from On-Air Mode. But what if the overlay you want to edit is currently active and on-stream?

It's just as simple, but with a little more power in your hands.

1 - Repeat steps 1 and 2 above

Follow steps 1 and 2 listed above to open the Overlay Editor for your on-stream overlay and make your desired changes.

2 - Press "Save & Update" to push updates live to air

Here's where things change a bit. It's up to you whether you want your changes to take effect immediately on-stream, or if you don't want the overlay to update in real time with your edits, but rather to display them the next time that overlay is played.

To update in real time, click the "Save & Update" button. In the Output Window, you'll see your overlay perform an Update Animation, remaining on-stream as the content smoothly displays your edits.

If you just press "Save," you won't notice anything change in the Output Window. Next time you take that overlay, however, it will now display your updates.

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