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As you expand beyond basic shows, you'll quickly begin working with multiple overlays on the same Layer. 

Thanks to Spark's powerful Layer Logic, there's no need to fear dealing with the stress on a live production of taking one overlay off air before triggering a new overlay to play. Spark's got your back with its Update Animation feature. 

Here's the Spark Notes version: If you have an overlay on air and want to switch to a different overlay of the same template on that same layer, when you play the new overlay, Spark will seamlessly update the content of the template without removing the template from the screen.


You can easily transition between multiple talking points by leaving a template On-Air and letting the Update Animation handle the rest. When new viewers join your stream, they'll immediately be up to date with what is going on in your show.

Let's break down exactly how this works.

1 - Setting up your show

Start with two overlays with the same Template in on of your Layers.

2 - Play an overlay

While in On Air mode, take one of those overlays to air.

3 - Hover to preview

If you hover your mouse over the current overlay, then quickly move it to the second overlay, you'll see in the Preview window a sneak peak of the upcoming animation.

4 - Switch overlays before the timer ends

If you have a duration set on your overlay, make sure to click on your second overlaybefore the duration expires. You'll see the content of the Template on air gracefully update with the new overlay's content, without having to deal with excessive animations off and on.

Update Animations can come in handy in a variety of ways. Here are a couple examples:

  • Say you have an overlay that will remain on screen for an extend period of time. Think a scoreboard for a sporting event, for example. The Update Animation will allow you to change the score on that scoreboard without having to take it out, edit it, then animate it back on. Seamless.

  • If you notice a typo on an overlay while it's on air, but don't want to draw attention to it by animating it off and back on again, this feature allows you to quickly fix the error with minimal disruption to the stream. Switch to EDIT Mode, fix the mistake, then - if the overlay is active - you'll notice a "Save & Update" button. Just like how it sounds, this will save your changes and update information on the Active Overlay on air.

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