Spark is Singular's Control Application tailored for simpler graphics. The following article is a breakdown of the user interface.

Spark User Interface (1-11)


Spark is comprised of the following key areas: Load Composition Button, Refresh Composition Button, Layer Bar, Delete Layer Button, Overlay Button, Progress Bar, Loop Button, On-Air/Edit Mode Switch, Start Streaming Button, Spark Stream Settings Button and the Spark Settings Button.

1 - Load Composition Button

This is where you can load the Composition that you've prepared for your show.

2 - Refresh Composition Button

If you have made a change to your loaded Composition, use this button update your show.

3 - Layer Bar

A Layer Bar contains all of your overlays that are in one individual Logic Layer

4 - Delete Layer Button

The Delete Layer button will delete a Layer Bar. 


In On-Air mode, this button turns into the Stop button. It will take out the active overlay in its respective layer.

5 - Overlay Button

An overlay button can be pressed to take that specific graphic overlay to air when in On-Air mode (8). In Edit mode, pressing an overlay button will open up that overlay's settings.

6 - Progress Bar

The progress bar indicates that there is a timer duration associated with that overlay. While On Air, the bar will show the progress of the timer countdown. Once ended, the overlay will automatically animate off.

7 - Loop Button

This button is used to make your layer loop. Only overlays with timer durations will be taken On Air. All overlays without a duration in loop mode will be skipped.

8 - On-Air / Edit Mode Switch

This switch toggles between "EDIT Mode" and "ON AIR Mode".

9 - Start Streaming Button

The stop button will take out the active overlay in it’s respective layer. This can also be accomplished by simply clicking on the active overlay's button. 

10 - Spark Stream Settings Button

This button pulls open a dropdown menu of the following options:

  • Start Streaming - Select your output destination
  • App Output URL - Copy the App Output URL, App Output Token or change output options
  • Sharing & Access - Generate an App URL or API URL
  • Preview Settings - Select from a variety of preview formats and visual presents
  • Developer Tools - Change versions of the platform
  • Support - Access the Support Widget

11 - Spark Settings Button

This button pulls open a dropdown menu of the following options:

  • Hide Preview/ Output - Hides the Preview and Output windows
  • Reset Scene - Resets the scene
  • Take All Out - Takes all of your overlays Off Air
  • Refresh Composition - Refreshes the connected Composition
  • Auto Playlist - Automatically generates Overlay Buttons within the Layer Bar
  • Delete All overlays - Deletes all overlays
  • Auto Preview Off - Turns off the feature that, when hovering over an overlay button, automatically shows its overlay in the Preview window
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