Spark: Creating a New Show



This video is part of a 7 chapter series which follows the Spark User Manual

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1 - Dashboard, New Menu

In your dashboard, click on the "New" dropdown menu, then click "Control App."



Shortcut option: Select the folder you want to add to a show to, then Control+Click (right click) in the Main Content Panel. Select "New" and "App" in the popup menu.  

2 - Select Spark

In the New Application selection window, click on "Spark."


3 - Name Your Show

In the next dialogue window, name your show accordingly. 



The Show you create will be saved to the folder selected when you started the process. 

4 - Click Create

Click the "Create" button. Singular will save your show into your active directory and immediately open another browser window with your new Show.

5 - Select Composition to Control

When Spark is launched for the first time, it prompts the file navigator window from your Dashboard. Navigate through your folders and click on the Theme you would like to control for this new Show. 



Depending on internet speed ant he size of the Theme, it may take a few seconds to see the UI as Spark connects to it.

CONGRATS! Once you have selected the Theme, you will be placed in the new Spark Show. Welcome to the future of live streaming overlays... 

If you need instructions on how to create a new show from the Show Manager, click here.

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