Spark: Duplicating a Page




This video is part of a 7 chapter series which follows the Spark User Manual 

Duplicates can allow you to quickly build out multiple versions of the same template that need just slight changes, saving you the trouble of creating a new overlay from scratch.

To duplicate an overlay:

1 - Right click on the overlay you want to duplicate

You should see a drop down menu appear. This works in Edit and On-air modes. 


2 - Select Duplicate

A copy of your overlay should appear on the same Layer. You can edit or rename this overlay by clicking on it.


Duplicates will always appear on the same Layer as the original overlay. Having multiple overlays per layer allows you to make use of Spark's powerful Update Animation Feature.


If you duplicate an overlay with a timer in a layer with an active loop while in On-Air mode, the overlay will go on-air when the loop gets to it! Take the timer off when editing the duplicate overlay in this case.

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