Output Destination Options

Singular.live Control Applications have a two primary output destination options for your overlays: Web Output and Singular Flow.

Web Output

For most users, we recommend outputting with this option. Grab your Output URL and use an encoding software that supports browser URLs to combine your live overlays with video and stream to your desired destination.

To access your web output, select the "Share" button in the upper right hand corner of your Control Application.


The "Share App Output" Menu


Select the clipboard button Screen_Shot_2019-10-22_at_3.30.39_PM.png next to your Output URL to copy the URL to your clipboard.

Web outputs are free to use with a watermark. To remove the watermark contact us at info@singular.live 


There are advanced web output customization options such as adaptation globals (for device adaptation) and embedding parameters to combine your overlays with a player of your choosing and then embed into your website. 

Singular web outputs can be integrated into traditional SDI or NDI workflows. Click here to learn how Singular works with NDI. Click here to learn how Singular works with SDI.

Cloud Rendering via Singular Flow

Singular Flow is a paid service that composites your overlays on video. To request that this service be activated in your account, please submit a request.

Singular gives you five hours of free Flow render time. After that, render time must be purchased. To access Cloud Rendering via Singular Flow, select the down arrow button (v) next to the "Share" button and select "Cloud Rendering".


Select "Cloud Rendering"


Next, select Purchase (to purchase additional cloud rendering time) or Cloud Rendering to select your Cloud Rendering destination.


"Purchase" and "Cloud Rendering" options


There are four available destinations that you can select: Facebook, YouTube, Twitch and RTMP.  


Cloud Rendering Destination options

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