Circle Widget Tutorial


The Circle Widget can be used to create various graphic elements in a composition. Circles are typically used for creating clocks or other time-related elements, pie charts, show logos, and backgrounds. It can be used as a full circle or portion of it, such as an outline or slice.


1 - Add Widget

In Composer, select the Circle Widget from the Composition Tree Toolbar or add it from the Widget Library.


Add the Circle Widget


Once added to the Composition Tree, it will be given the default name. Rename it, as you're most likely to use much more than one circle widget in your Composition.


- Adjust the Shape

Set the various sizing of your circle in Property Panel.


Adjust the Shape Settings


3 - Define the Style

Set the fill color, stroke width and stroke color.


Adjust the Style Settings


The following are some examples of objects created with the Circle Widget.

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